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The last of the photos from my time in the forest these were all taken with my iPhone but they captured some great moments because I didn’t have my 7D with me at all times, however I had a great time the whole time, so enjoy!

I came up here to get away from the festival for just a second and take some time to just take everything in, where I was, who I was with, What I was experiencing, and how I felt which was unbelievable. The pure natural beauty of the venue and campsite was something I will never forget, this is what I saw and experienced 

The sunset over the campsite.. Beauty 


I had the best time going to this music festival in the woods last weekend. My cousin and I  took off and didn’t know what to expect but when we got to the entrance of the venue we knew we were in for a good time. This was the first time that I had been to a music festival and appreciated things that much. First off the venue was in the middle of the mountains on a hillside looking down into unsettled fields, the immense beauty of the location alone was amazing, the beauty of the people mixed in with the music itself which was different then what we all would be used too is what made the festival that much more amazing. 

Check out part two where I put up a few more pictures and a bunch more videos to show the vibes that were going down.


When you got nothing to do for a few hours, i look to entertain myself so I figured a DTLA adventure was right for the day, so I hit up Adriana to join a lot and snap some pictures as we walked, climbed, and “trespassed” into some fun and appealing rooftops and fire escapes in the wonderful heart of DTLA. 

Here are a few of the best snaps! Don’t be bored, find stuff to do, make stuff happen and have fun! DO YOU, get in trouble, get kicked out, get looked at weird, these are all the things that make memories and stories, and better yet make good ass photos :) Live life for you and do fun shit all the time, next post will probably be from Europe as I prepare to go on the biggest adventure I will take on two and a half months of living and walking and photographing the streets of Europe. Should be fun, as always stay tuned thank you for enjoying and have a great day! 


My test shoot with Kristen was fantastic! These are some of the images that were personal favorites. We shot a bunch of digital which for me hasn’t happened in a bit, but the film was the best, and resulted in some of my fav shots so far! 

I love experimenting and this time I did a lot of it with flairs, sunlight, and playing with the light and subject. We got some amazing golden hour light and this is what turned out!! 

catch more photos soon, and follow up with the website, -iFoto

Kele Set One

Photography: Dimitar Tantchev 

Model: Kele @11modelmanagment 

Weekly Roll of Film

Been busy in the Valley lately, so the first few pictures have been shot while I was hang in out taking care of business in the valley and of noticeable things that caught my attention. And as Always I have to go up somewhere high and take a look and think things thru, the last picture is from my thinking spot best view of the City. 

Until next time, 


Day off!! 

Last few weeks have been pretty crazy with school and work, and with school coming to an end in a few more weeks things are about to get way more stressful. It was a very needed day to just go out to the beach, and do just about nothing all day. A PCH cruise is good enough to get you relaxed and set your mind at ease, but a beer a bowl at the beach help a long way too. 

The sweet flamingos and airstream, as well as the sweet old school Corvette, and electronic crabs made a memorable appearance as well. 

Over all it was a very much needed day to get the mind off things and just get some relaxing in. 

Give yourself a break its always important to work hard, but never forget that you always need a refresher and a break to cool the mind.  

Have a great rest of the week! And get ready for 4/20! 


I try to have as much fun as I can with everything I do, and most of the time I have some kind of camera with me to document. I have been having nothing but busy and full packed days lately. This day being one of them I had a load of errands to accomplish which in Los Angeles means your gonna travel. I made my way to come up on a hitch-hiker in Los Angeles which is a rare sight, Took a wrong turn to end up to some awesome old school motels which are a fav of mine. Made my way past DTLA being reminded of staying true to what it is we love, and ended my day at one of my favorite viewpoints over the city to call it a day!! 

More film next week!! Hope y’all are doing good!